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Kallang Riverside is freehold condo developed by The Singapore-Johore Express Pte Ltd.

Kallang Riverside is developed by The Singapore-Johore Express Pte Ltd which first try at residential.

Kallang Riverside Developer

After SJE relocated its iconic bus maintenance depot to Sin Ming in the 1980s, the vacant factory which used to provide its services for Singapore Johor Express Buses near Ban San Street in Bugis was leased out for rent. The tenants consist of those from the print, glassmaker and textile industry, including boilermakers too.

In the early 1990s, SjE had plans to refurbish and expand the factory. An unprecedented reform on Kampong Bugis to rezone the district from industrial to residential land was under consideration by the government land planners in 1994. As such, initial development ideas on Kampong Bugis had to be constantly relooked in order to be in sync with the plans of various government agencies.

SJE's maiden residential project was finally approved in principle last year before the Urban Redevelopment Authority's draft master plan was released. Bounded by Kallang Road and Crawford Street, Kampong Bugis is now designated as a residential and lifestyle district.


Kallang Riverside is developer by The Singapore-Johore Express Pte Ltd which first try at residential, expected to TOP in 2019We are pleased to offer you comprehensive advice about your private ownership. For enquiries, please contact us

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